Data entry is not your ministry calling

Focus NextSteps automatically reads your scanned contact cards - or online form CSV exports - and directly adds them to your organization’s ChMS, so you don't have to.

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How Focus NextSteps Works

  1. Set up your card template

    Easily tell NextSteps what each field on the card should reference in your ChMS. You can even include multiple people on one card for children or spouse information. And best of all, you only need to do this once!

  2. Collect and scan your cards

    Scan and upload your weekend or event’s contact cards to Focus NextSteps. In as little as 20 minutes, all of the cards will be processed and NextSteps will intelligently match the information on each card with people in your ChMS. Existing records can be be updated and new visitors will be automatically added.

  3. Review and approve... or go hands off

    Once the batch of cards is complete, you can easily review everything before your data is updated, or opt to have NextSteps automatically make updates. Alternatively, you can simply download all of the scanned data as a .CSV file and never even touch a ChMS.

Your job keeps getting easier

We're always looking at new ways we can innovate to help you streamline all facets of manging your member data.

95% Accuracy

Our document and image scanning technology gives you best-in-class accuracy; it really must be experienced to be believed! Focus NextSteps is your first line of defense for your ChMS and your first step to assimilation.

Monthly De-duplication

Focus NextSteps can be set to automatically scan your organization’s database and report back with the areas or contact accounts needing to be merged. *Auto-merge option coming soon!

No cards? No problem!

With .CSV data uploads, you can take advantage of Focus NextSteps workflows and deep ChMS integration with digital formats like online forms. Upload a CSV and process it just like you would a batch of cards!

Conditional Workflows

Focus NextSteps has the power to create Conditional Workflows, powerful assimilation tools to help supercharge your partnering ChMS. With simple if / then statements, you can easily manipulate any field and determine a specific response. From contact items to attributes to opportunities, Focus NextSteps allows for all manner of follow up including direct text and email.

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Church Management System Integration

We have partnered with the leading ChMS's: CCB, Fellowship One and Ministry Platform. Our deep integration allows Focus NextSteps to create or update any contact record, from name, address, phone, to what boxes they checked. Even better, Focus NextSteps can assign contact items, attributes, and opportunities.

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Get your boss on board

Even though you see all the benefits of Focus Missions, you might not be the final decision maker. We get that, which is why we put together this handy PDF to help get the rest of your organization on #teamfocus.

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