We sweat the small stuff, so you don't have have to.

Participant Responsibility

Easily apply the processes and requirements you already have to Focus Missions. Now, due dates, meeting reminders, scheduled payments, education and requirement paths are all driving your participants through your custom process. Once everything is paperless, the only reason a participant should be stopping by the organization’s office is to say hello ;-)

Say Goodbye to Busywork

You’ve got enough on your plate to constantly be tracking down references or payments. When we handle the tedious stuff, you can focus on the bigger picture.

The Power of Due Dates

Trip-goers can easily see all of their payment and requirement due dates. Plus, in-app and email notifications automatically remind participants of upcoming deadlines, so you don’t have to!

Role-specific Requirements

Don’t want trip Leaders to have to fill out a questionairre or provide references? No problem! Assigning requirements to just Leaders or Participants couldn’t be easier.

Automated References

Trip Applicants simply provide the email address and realtionship of their references and we’ll email each reference a link to fill out your organization’s custom reference questionairre and store the answers directly in Focus Missions for easy review.

Trip Landing Page

Your organization gets a dedicated landing page that shows all upcoming trips, with the ability for visitors to search and filter by custom attributes that you define. Those interested can apply for trips or donate to help sponsor trips they can’t go on. Plus you can define what information is publicly visible on a per-trip basis.

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Social Fundraising

Each participant gets a dedicated fundraising page to share with friends and family. They can explain why they are going on the trip, and share progress. Visitors can easily donate without having to create an account themselves, and even stay anonymous.

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Partnerships With the Services You Already Trust

Group Travel Quotes & Booking

Easily request group travel arrangements from AFC Travel, and once you've reviewed their proposals and selected one, all of the travel information will be added to Focus Missions without any manual entry.

Electronic Signatures

Say hello to paperless trip management! Trip participants can easily e-sign documents right inside Focus missions. And even though your organization doesn't need to have a DocuSign account, we can easily integrate with your existing account, should you choose to.

Background Checks

Automatically run background checks on all applicants over the age of 18 with no manual entry. Plus, you can easily pass the cost to applicants by including the cost of a background check in the total cost of your trips.

Deep Integration with your ChMS

We've partnered with the leading Church Management System providers to help you keep things in sync. Donation records, demographic data, activity records and more can be configured to automatically push to your ChMS from Focus Missions. Now, you are able to pull detailed records in your host ChMS in formats and reports native to your database management.