Focus Missions Features Spotlight

Fulfill the obligations of your organization. Satisfy the requirements of legal compliance. Exceed the expectations of your participants.

Automated Planning and Compliance

Focus Missions adapts to the logistical processes and legal requirements of your organization.

Lead your trip participants along an automated registration and readiness timeline that includes form submission due dates, meeting reminders, scheduled payments, and continuing education.

Fast, paperless, and reliable, your Focus Missions custom workflows and integrated tools mean you’ll work smarter instead of harder with more time and energy to focus on a memorable trip experience.

Instant Communication Sensation

Focus on the bigger picture by eliminating the need for tracking down participants and making endless phone calls to request documents and payments.

Trip Health Measurements

Focus Missions features a variety of attractive, easy-to-read progress meters that allow organizers and participants to view their outstanding due dates -- consider it a one-glance gauge the virtual health of your trip readiness.

Role-specific Requirements

Set custom requirement for your trip leaders and participants with respect to the level of certification required for each role. Add or subtract essential qualifications such as completed questionnaires, references, and background checks.

Reference Automation

Trip applicants provide basic email addresses and the relationship of their references and Focus Missions will email those contacts on your participants behalf with a link to your digital reference form for easy completion and storage.

Trip Landing Page

Enjoy a dedicated landing page that lists all of your upcoming trips in a beautiful graphical layout with advanced search and definable filter capabilities.

Interested participants can apply for trips or donate to help sponsor trips they are unable to attend.

You can even define the publicly visible information on a per-trip basis.

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Social Fundraising

Harness the power of social media to power your fundraising efforts. Each trip participant gets a dedicated fundraising page to share with friends and family.

Their customized trip story explains the trip objectives and share progress updates.

Visitors can choose to donate anonymously or identify without creating an account themselves.

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Partnership with Services You Trust

Our logistics and compliance partnerships with the services you already trust save you time, reduce your efforts, and remove the doubt associated with unfamiliar integrations.

Group Travel Quotes & Booking

Easily request group travel arrangements from AFC Travel, and once you've reviewed their proposals and selected one, all of the travel information will be added to Focus Missions without any manual entry.

Electronic Signatures

Paperless trip management begins with DocuSign & SignNow digital signature services -- through your organization’s existing account or without an account entirely.

Background Checks

Instantly run thorough background checks on all applicants over the age of 18 with zero manual entry -- pass the cost of the service on to participants in the cost of the trip.

Deep Integration with your ChMS

We've partnered with the leading Church Management System providers to help you keep things in sync. Donation records, demographic data, activity records and more can be configured to automatically push to your ChMS from Focus Missions. Now, you are able to pull detailed records in your host ChMS in formats and reports native to your database management.